Building Wealth Through Multifamily Investments

We work directly with qualified investors to help protect and grow their wealth through passive investing in commercial real estate through a process called syndication.

Acquisition Criteria


  • Units: 80+ unit Apartment Building
  • Class: C to B Properties
  • Style Preferred: Garden Style, Pitched Roofs, No student or low-income housing
  • Year: 1978 or newer
  • Value Add: Stabilized properties that we can add value by raising rents to market, and/or lowering expenses
  • Target Tenant Base: Workforce Housing
  • Area #1 Michigan: South of M-46 Focusing on Downriver, Metro Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Grand Rapids – Low Crime, Population Growth, Job Growth, Diverse Employers
  • Area #2 Out of State: Targeted Areas Based on Population Growth, Job Growth, Diverse Employers, Low Crime


Exit Strategies

  • Option #1: Refinance the property, pay investors back their initial investment first (or as close to it as the deal will allow). Any remaining capital will be split as agreed upon. The investor remains in the deal.
  • Option #2: Sell the property. Investors get all of their initial capital invested returned first. Then profits are split as agreed upon.
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