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With a strong passion for real estate, we got our start by purchasing our first investment, a single-family home, on December 12th, 2014. Our model was to buy distressed properties in desirable areas and make major improvements to turn our houses into enjoyable homes for our residents. This process caught the eye of local investors who partnered with us on our next several deals. Through these business transactions we were able to spur our growth up to 11 units within a 2-year period.

In 2017 we reevaluated our business model and shifted our focus to multi-family properties ranging between 10-150 units. With strong profit potential, economies of scale, and significant tax advantages, the decision was a strategic move that would allow us to grow our business to a larger scale.

On January 29th, 2019 we closed on our first 20-unit apartment complex in Trenton, MI. On August 7th, 2020 we closed on our second apartment complex of 11 units located in Rockwood, MI bringing our total unit count up to 37.  We are fully involved in all aspects of our real estate business from finding the right property, planning and overseeing all improvements, maintenance and leasing. We own and operate Property Professionals, which is our in-house management company. Our success is attributed to our strong commitment to how we run our business, the relationships we’ve built along the way and the type of homes we want to provide to our residents. The Goal behind Warrington Capital is to build wealth with our Equity Partners through the purchase of large apartment complexes and add value to the communities, our residents, and our investors.

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Grant Warrington

Grant Warrington is the Principal and co-founder of Warrington Capital. Grant has been in construction for 23 years. In December of 2014 he purchased his first rental property with his wife Monika and shortly after got his Real Estate License. They created their property management company, Property Professionals and co-manage their entire portfolio. In January of 2018, Grant took the position of Director of Operations for a prevalent property management company in Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio and managed over 800 units. He has overseen all facets of the rehab and construction of over 40 apartments and homes. Grant also managed the reconstruction of a 12-unit apartment Building that was completely gutted to studs due to being destroyed by a fire. To date he is a co-owner of a 37 unit portfolio, consisting of 4 single family homes, 1 duplex, a 20-unit apartment complex, and an 11-unit apartment building. Grant is also a Full time Realtor in Southeast Michigan with Warrington Group Real Estate.

Monika Warrington

Monika Warrington is the Principal and co-founder of Warrington Capital. Monika has been in the Real Estate Industry as early as her college years, managing a 24-unit apartment complex while obtaining her bachelor’s degree. Over the years she has also managed single family homes for property owners helping them preserve their investments. In December of 2014, Monika has fully absorbed herself in the Real Estate Industry by buying her first rental property. She is completely involved in the selection, acquisition, rehabbing, and tenant placement of each property. To date she is a co-owner of a 37 unit portfolio, consisting of 4 single family homes, 1 duplex,  a 20-unit apartment complex, and an 11-unit apartment building . She is fully engaged in the day-to-day financial operations, making decisions to increase asset value while providing a great home for residents.

Monika has a background working in Public Accounting. She is a member of various real estate groups. She also has a bachelor degree in Accounting and a master degree in Taxation.

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