Our Story

With a strong passion for real estate, we got our start by purchasing our first single family home on December 12th, 2014. After 2 years and a portfolio of 11 units we had been working on a game plan of buying distressed properties and making major improvements to turn our houses into enjoyable homes for our tenants. We started our journey with very little money and you can hear more about our story here : Podcast: Joe Fairless Interviews Grant Warrington ; Podcast: Starkey Multifamily Interviews Grant Warrington; Podcast: Michigan Multifamily and More Interviews Grant Warrington

We developed a track record that caught the eye of local investors and we partnered on our next few deals together to spur our growth. In 2017 we decided to reevaluate our business model and shift our focus to larger multi-family properties ranging between 20-150 units. On January 29th 2019 we are proud to say we closed on our first 20 unit apartment complex in Trenton, MI. With strong profit potential, significant tax advantages and the economies of scale in mind, this decision was a strategic move that will help us grow our business to a larger scale.

We are fully involved in all aspects of our real estate business from finding the right property, planning and overseeing all improvements, to leasing and maintaining the properties. We own and operate our own inhouse property management company, Property Professionals. Our success is attributed to our strong commitment to how we run our business, the relationships we have built with our investors and the type of homes we want to provide. The Goal behind Warrington Capital is to purchase large scale apartment complexes with Equity Partners and add value to the communities, our tenants and our investors.