Finding Contractors, Avoiding Lockouts and Managing Property Right

Finding Contractors, Avoiding Lockouts and Managing Property Right

Do you self-manage your own Apartment Buildings or Single Family Rentals? How do you deal with contractors not showing up, resident lockouts, or angry tenants?  I cover these topics and some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way in the video provided below.  I also included my downloadable Property Management Speech I gave at the monthly Michigan Multifamily and More Meetup in Brighton Michigan. I hope this helps!

Intro & Background

My name is Grant Warrington with Warrington Capital. We are an Apartment Acquisition & Asset Management Company that is made up of my wife Monika Warrington and myself.  We own and self manage our portfolio of a 20 unit apartment building and 6 single family rentals as of 12/19. (We are in acquisition mode).  I have been in construction for 25 years now and I previously managed over 800 units in Southeast Michigan & Northern Ohio as the Director of Operations for a predominant property management company in Michigan.  I’ve done over 40 Full Gut Rehab’s of Apartments and Single Family Rentals.  I completely oversaw all phases of a 12 unit Apartment Building Destroyed by a Fire.(No one was hurt thank goodness) I was onsite when the fire occurred, dealt with tenant displacement, gutting the building to studs and put it back together. This was a sprinkled building which means it had fire suppression in place so the amount of knowledge I learned on this project was huge!  I recently quit my W2 job to focus full time on Real Estate and I’m a Realtor in Southeast Michigan. 

Expert Series Video

Play Video

Here is the video I was asked to do in regards to Finding Contractors, Avoiding Lockouts and Managing Property Right.  I want to thank Jamie Gruber & Benoit Malige of Multifamily & More for giving me the opportunity to add value to their investor community. 

The pictures below are of our standard rehabs we do on our apartment building that I reference in the speech and the video. This will give you a better understanding of what our finished product looks like. You can download my speech here: Property Management Speech 

Next Step & How to Get Involved

We are excited to announce that Warrington Capital has partnered with CF Asset Group who are Jamie Gruber, Benoit Malige and Julien Raynard. You can learn more about us by clicking “Here”. Our goal is find and acquire 80+ unit Apartment Complexes that can support onsite management. If you are interested in investing passively in one of our upcoming Apartment deals or you have an Apartment deal you need some help getting across the finish line, then reach out to us. We would love to chat. Thank you!

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